Mar 7, 2010

US Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid: "We only lost 36,000 Jobs Today"

U.S. Senate Majority Leader, Harry Reid's comments on our nation's job market should alarm every American family struggling to keep their homes, pay their bills, and raise their kids in one of the most unstable job markets since the great depression.

All the polls indicate that Americans are losing faith that our economy is going to turn around any time soon. And it is no wonder when Democratic Congressional leaders like Harry Reid say things like it's a good day since we only lost 36,000 jobs. What kind of economic leadership is this?

What An Idiot!!!

Since the election of President Obama's this is how democrats in Congress continue to spin the economic downturn that our country is facing right now. Congressional leaders like Reid and Nancy Pelosi have this idealistic view that things could have been worse without them, their government takeover of industry, and their big bailouts to Wall Street financial tycoons.

They are simply out of touch with everyday Americans trying to find a job. You can dismiss Reid's comments as just Washington D.C. sarcasm, but is it really a laughing matter to the 36,000 thousand people who lost their jobs and the families that will be impacted by the job cuts.

All we have to know is that as the Democratic Party leadership in Congress continues to push health care reform down our throats more and more people are losing their jobs, their homes, and their dignity. Something I think lawmakers like Harry Reid lost a long time ago.

The slogan this election year isn't, "It's the economy stupid". It's save our economy from the STUPID people in Washington D.C.!!!!

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