Mar 21, 2010

Bonus case suggests questions for Pa. lawmakers - State | Centre Daily Times - State College, PA

This is great stuff! Bravo Mark

Incumbent Pennsylvania state lawmakers will be making themselves seen in their home districts over the next couple of months as they campaign to be returned to the Legislature for another term.

Voters might want to ask their local state representatives and senators about the three-year-old investigation into legislative campaign practices.

They might ask what rules are in place to make sure employees are not pressured to "volunteer" to work on campaigns.

Or how often they have sent out mass mailings to people in the district on the taxpayer's dime.

Voters might also want to know whether their lawmakers accept per diems, especially if they do so on the same day they'sve had a taxpayer-paid meal.

And do they think there be restrictions on hiring relatives to work for the Legislature?

Voters who want to see changes in their General Assembly this year might start by asking a few questions.
How about we asked them to retire so regular people with integrity and who are willing to follow our state constitution can have a crack at government.

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