Mar 24, 2010

Corbet Says Veon Is Going To Jail

Attorney General Tom Corbett feels that Veon is going to spend some time in jail. Apparently Veon was convicted of the 14 more serious public corruption and conflict of interest counts.
Attorney General Tom Corbett said Tuesday he expects a judge will sentence former House Democratic Whip Mike Veon to prison on multiple felony convictions but would not say what arguments his office might present for sentencing.

"Personally, yes," Corbett said when asked whether he believes Veon will draw a prison term. "We haven't said what we'll recommend." (Tribune Review)

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I don't know how much more voters in Pennsylvania can take. Every time you turn around some state lawmaker is being convicted or charged with something. I hope Veon's sentence which can be a maximum 70 year sentence sends a message to the rest of the corrupt bunch in Harrisburg. Stop the corruption in our House Now!!!

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