Mar 22, 2010

Breaking News: Jury In Bonusgate Case Finds Veon Guilty

The jury in the bonusgate trial of former Democratic House Minority Whip Mike Veon has finally reached a verdict. The jury found Veon guilty of 14 of the 59 counts stemming from his connection to the Attorney General, Tom Corbett's bonusgate investigation.
Prosecutors presented evidence that state workers canvassed door-to-door, manned phone banks, raised campaign donations, shipped out bulk mailings, collected nominating petition signatures and researched the backgrounds of political opponents to find their vulnerabilities.

Legislative employees testified that those duties were often performed during regular work hours without taking leave _ sometimes getting taxpayers to reimburse their travel expenses _ and prosecutors argued that much of it directly benefited Veon in his role as a leading campaign strategist for the House Democrats.

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Apparently Veon was found guilty of the conflict of interest charge. Two of Veon's staffers were also found guilty of similar charges but one staffer, Stephen Keefer, was acquitted of all charges. I just think this is a victory for those fighting corruption in Harrisburg. I have to admit Corbett deserves a lot of credit considering this was the first time lawmakers were charged in an investigation like this and the first time this law was tested in court.

Next up former House Minority Leader Bill DeWeese and Former House Speaker John Perzel. This just gets more entertaining by the second :)

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