Mar 18, 2010

Congresswoman Kathy Dahlkemper faces petition challenge

Written by Roberta Biros

The details are still coming in, but it seems that Congresswoman Kathy Dahlkemper has yet another hurdle to pass in order to simply get her name on the Democrat ballot for the Primary. March 16th was the last day for challenges to be filed against nomination petitions for the 2010 Primary Election. The Pennsylvania Voting and Elections site provides the complete list of challenges HERE.

Based on the published list, Mrs. Dahlkemper’s petitions for the Democrat nomination are being challenged by Mel Marin, who happens to be Mrs. Dahlkemper’s Democrat opponent on that same ballot. According to a story published at, “There is a hearing scheduled for March 24, said Mr. Boyle, at which time Mr. Marin (or any objector) will appear in court to present the challenge. But, Mr. Boyle also said “Sometimes objections are withdrawn, and sometimes because of an objection the candidate withdraws, so that’s always a possibility.”

Read the full story at HERE .

My guess is that the basis of this challenge is simple political wrangling. It does prove, however, that candidate Mel Marin is determined to make a bold statement in his challenge of Mrs. Dahlkemper. For that Mr. Marin receives points for "spunk" in my book.

I'll admit that I know very little about Mel Marin, and very little is available through on-line research. Mr. Marin does have a campaign website [HERE], but it is not particularly robust. The little bit that I do know came from an article in The Herald last week [read the full story HERE]. In that story by Matt Snyder, The Herald reported the following:

Marin made news in Mercer County last fall for filing a federal discrimination lawsuit against the city of Sharon for allegedly refusing to sell him condemned properties for $10 each because he is Serbian.

Marin’s campaign Web site blames corrupt judges and bankers for home foreclosures, claims health care professionals push the elderly into hospice care so they will die faster, and suggests that gays use parades and clowns to seduce young people.
The Herald story was interesting, but some of the statements could be considered interpretations by Matt Snyder. Rather than relying on the snippets from The Herald alone, I would suggest that readers explore Mr. Marin's website in order to learn more about the candidate.

We will need to wait another week to find out how the petition challenge pans out. During that time we might also find out exactly where Congresswoman Dahlkemper stands on Health Care Reform. In other words, her political future may very well be determined in the next seven days . . . one way or another.

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