Mar 24, 2010

This was wrong way to do health care reform

Guest Column By Sandra Eshenower

So they passed the health care reform bill.

What a travesty.

Secret backroom politics straight out of Chicago, corruption at its worst arm-twisting, intimidation, threats.

Pretty bad when you pass into law a bill that most Americans did not want because they know in those 2,000 pages is massive fraud.

I have talked to every one of my doctors they were not for the bill and not one of them belong to the American Medical Association.

When I look at my grandchildren and great grandchildren, I shudder to think what kind of America they are going to grow up in, for I know this is only the tip of the iceberg.

The worst is yet to come.

There are a few good men in Washington Tim Holden, Joe Pitts, Todd Platts and Bill Shuster, who had the courage and conviction not to vote for a bill that will hurt Americans, not help them.

I am sure the great one has no idea what is even in this bill, which was crafted by trial lawyers and lobbyists.

Do you know that the IRS is going to manage your health care?

I also want to thank Tim Holden for not taking the advice of your biased editorial board.

Health reform should have been done the right way.

This was the wrong way.

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