Mar 23, 2010

Toomey Destroying Specter In Latest Franklin & Marshall Poll

NEW Franklin & Marshall POLL:


In The Race For Governor:
  • Onorato 6% Wagner 6% Hoeffel 6%
  • Corbett 26% & Rohrer 4%
According to the poll many voters are still undecided on who they are planning to support in the primaries. Seven in ten registered Democrats say they are undecided, and the frontrunner position is shared by three of the candidates−Dan Onorato, Jack Wagner, and Joe Hoeffel. Corbett is still enjoying a hefty lead in the Republican primary.

In The Race For Senate:

Toomey 44% Specter 34% (among likely voters)
Toomey 38% Sestak 20%
Specter 33% Sestak 16%

The poll reveals that this race is shaping up to be a referendum on Specter more than anything else. Likely voters are wiling to vote for Toomey despite knowing very little about him. This combined with Specter's favorable/unfavorable numbers indicate that things are not looking good right for Pennsylvania's Senior Senator.

Tea Party Movement Support

Also in the poll, the Tea Party movements seems to be a major factor in Pennsylvania. 39% of respondents indicated that they supported the Tea Party movement to 29% who say they oppose the movement. Even better 45% of respondents indicated that they would support a candidate who supports the Tea Party movement's goals.

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