Mar 22, 2010

Obama's Executive Order Banning Funding Of Abortions 'Just A Piece Of Paper'

Details are just coming out on the deal that went down between the Obama Administration and Representative Stupack clearing the way for the passage of the health care legislation. Stupack agreed to support the passage of the Senate Bill only if Obama issued an executive order banning federal funding of abortion which originally was not written into the Senate Bill.

The deal can be described as dubious at best. Here is a clip of Representative James Sensenbrenner of Wisconsin's 5th Congressional District giving us a very passionate plea to not trust the executive order because it had no sound backing by the law and was only "just a piece of paper".

Sensenbrenner's common sense approach response was perfect hand should have every pro life advocate fired up today. During his speech Sensenbrenner highlights how an executive order doesn't trump the law as written. Following the law seems like something that Democrats nor President Obama seem to care about anymore.

As indicated by the clip the health care legislation passed the House without any measures protecting the sanctity of life against federal funding of abortion. The democrats even blocked an attempt by republicans to send the bill back to committee to ensure the proper language was written into the bill.

The real tragedy today is that there will be more abortions as a result of this bill.

Representative Stupack who seemed to be the pro life champion during the debate now looks more like a fool for making the executive order abortion deal with Obama.

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  1. This is a very sad day for America when you know there will be more abortions because of this bill. An executive order means nothing as a Federal Court ruling will supercede any executive order. Also who is to say down the road Obama will not rescind his executive order. Bart Stupak sold America out and we will remember this in Novemeber. This is also why I voting for Robert Allen Mansfield for Governor of PA as I know he will never sell the people out as he is a true Patriot.