Mar 23, 2010

Attorney General Tom Corbett Says 'Justice Has Been Served"

I just don't understand why Attorney General Tom Corbett has to continue to hold a press conference for every single thing. It's like Corbett is here, over there, and everywhere. Did Corbett really need to hold a press conference to comment on the verdict in this case. Ridiculous! So he is celebrating a case that has taken him 3 years to investigate.
(The Times Tribune) Despite acquittal on charges of per diem abuse, a jury convicted former Rep. Michael Veon and two aides on the most serious public corruption charges of conspiring to defraud the people of Pennsylvania, state Attorney General Tom Corbett said Tuesday.

"We believe justice has been served by the verdict," Mr. Corbett said at a press conference.

With the first landmark case in the three-year "Bonusgate" investigation into legislative corruption behind him, the attorney general outlined a series of court hearings and trials for other defendants in the next two months that should keep the investigation in the news.

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This press conference should have been more about where do we go from here and what cases are going to be prosecuted next not a lecture on how Pennsylvanians should hold their legislators more accountable. Garbage!

Also: Pa. AG outlines legal challenge to health care law (Forbes)

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