Mar 28, 2010

State House Democrats Rushed To Give Staffers A Pay Raise Prior To Pushing Pay Freeze In January

If you really want to understand just how greedy lawmakers are in Harrisburg then pay attention to this article from the Patriot News. Apparently, state House Democrats moved fast back in November to give themselves a pay raise before the January 1st pay freeze was implemented for this year.
In the two months before the state House Democratic caucus enacted a salary freeze starting Jan. 1, staffers saw a flurry of activity that raised eyebrows.

Those with access to payroll information saw a raise amounting to $18,642 annually for Paul Parsells, the chief of staff to House Speaker Keith McCall, D-Carbon. While he received a 14 percent bump boosting his salary to $150,000 a year, other staffers got a maximum 3 percent raise.

Staffers saw House Parliamentarian Reizdan Moore received a yearly raise amounting to $6,095. It struck them as odd because his anniversary date is in the spring. Typically, House employees are considered for raises on their hiring anniversaries. Others in McCall’s office received raises, too. (Patriot-News)

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It seems like legislative leaders in Harrisburg are always thinking up ways to give either themselves or their staffers pay raises. But I have to give the House Democratic Caucus leaders Speaker McCall and Majority Leader Eachus credit for this one. They pushed for a pay freeze that started on Jan 1st while at the seam time pushed through raises for their staffers.

How do they think the 16000 Pennsylvanians who lost their jobs last month feel about this kind of behavior of the people that should be representing them? Our state economy continues to struggle and the Speaker's Chief Of Staff got a $19,000 dollar pay raise. Today lawmakers at every level should thank the Tea Party for controlling themselves instead of complaining about verbal threats. They are lucky it is not 1776!

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