Mar 14, 2010

Before-and-After Pictures: Underwater Church Reappears In Venezuela

Talk about the fear of God!
You might call it an act of God. A severe drought in Venezuela has exposed a church—pictured in 2008 (left) and on February 21, 2010—that had been inundated when a hydroelectric dam was built in 1985.

The 82-foot-tall (25-meter-tall) church and the Andean town of Potosi (see map) were flooded to establish the Uribante-Caparo water reservoir to power the plant, which is currently operating at just 7 percent of its capacity, according to the Reuters service. (Get news on the global water crisis.)

The church is now an ominous symbol of energy shortages in the country, which gets around 68 percent of its power from hydroelectricity, Reuters reported. The droughts spurred Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez to declare an energy emergency in February. Click Here To Read More
I love stories like this. Maybe this church will also become a symbol of the failure of the Chavez regime in Venezuela. Chavez exports all of the country's oil to fatten the pockets of his regime but lets the people suffer through an energy crisis. Got to love dictatorships! Hat Tip to Salena Zito.

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