Mar 26, 2010

Bonusgate juror's blog post prompts mistrial request

This is interesting. If I was a juror in the Bonusgate trial a trip to the Capitol building in Harrisburg may have caused me to get thrown off. I would have brought a pink pig with me or something like that.
In a motion filed this morning, Michael O. Palermo, attorney for Annamarie Perretta-Rosepink, said it is improper for jurors to view places related to crimes they are adjudicating unless under "the security and protection of the court."

In the blog post, which was written after the verdict was rendered, juror Jonathan Smith indicated that some of the jurors visited the Capitol after lunch one day during the trial.

"After all, the Capitol was at the center of this whole case. We wanted to see this place. Actually, we wanted to see room 626, which was talked about so much during the trial," he wrote. (Post-Gazette)

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Next time I am up for jury duty I'm just going to say I'm a blogger. This will scare lawyers on both sides of the case :)

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