Mar 25, 2010

Corbett now facing legal challenges from lawyer of Bonusgate defendents

Joshua Lock a lawyer for former State Representatives Steve Stetler (D., York) and Brett Feese (R., Lycoming) in the next round of Bonusgate hearings is accusing Attorney General Tom Corbett of violating the same laws that his clients are being charged with. Lock asked the judge to dismiss the charges against his clients and to appoint a special prosecutor to investigate Corbet for "misconduct". According to Lock, Corbett has been using the resources of the Attorney General's office for campaign purposes.
Among the 48 exhibits Lock attached to his motions were records reportedly showing that Corbett routinely used his campaign cell phone to contact staff in the Attorney General's Office during state work hours. He also alleges that top aides of Corbett's have jumped back and fourth over the years between state and campaign payrolls.

"At a minimum, his conduct is hypocritical," said Lock, a Harrisburg lawyer known for his aggressive defense strategies. "He has compromised this entire process and has violated everyone's rights." (Philadelphia Inquirer)

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Lock feels that Corbett is using the bonusgate scandal and the corruption trials to further his gubernatorial campaign. A spokesman for Corbett called the allegations "bogus" and that the allegations suggest that Lock has no other defense than "accuse the accuser". Lock also accused Corbett of tainting the jury pool with his press conferences after the verdict of the last trial.

I think Stetler's attorney has a point. Why has the investigation taken three years and is just now beginning to be prosecuted this year? A year that Corbett is running for Governor. There is no doubt that Corbett's campaign for Governor has a distinct comparative advantage over other candidates whom hold less profile state offices.

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