Mar 24, 2010

Most Pennsylvania Voters Think State Lawmakers Are Corrupt

I have to say that some of the testimony during the bonusgate trial should fire up Pennsylvania voters who seem to be already unhappy with the way things are in Harrisburg. This from the latest Franklin & Marshall Poll. In fact many of us think our state lawmakers are just a bunch of crooks.
Kirkham is among 67 percent of registered voters who think the only difference between Veon and most state legislators is that Veon got caught, according to a Franklin & Marshall College poll.

"I think that's part of the problem with conviction in some" cases, said G. Terry Madonna, the poll's director. Many people appear to have adopted the attitude about the charges that "this doesn't come as a surprise to me."

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The real problem for incumbents is that voters are feeling that they are no longer in control of their government and that makes everyone a little uneasy. I love this quote.
"I don't think anybody has a really high opinion of government, at all, right now — state or federal. They're not listening," said Aaron Faulkner, 28, of Monaca.
That is the stuff Aaron. Let's vote all the crooks out in November. It is time for a good old fashioned incumbent hunt in November and you don't even need a license to hunt incumbents politicians this year :)

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