Mar 13, 2010

Conservative News: The Disemboweling of America - HUMAN EVENTS

Pat Buchanan has an excellent article today on the state of American industry and the growth of big government under both Bush administrations and the Clinton administration. All have basically outsourced American industry while growing the size of government and running up huge deficits. Both political parties are guilty of trading good, hardworking American jobs for international political favors. Now we have a so called service economy based on what? That's right more government.
Things that we once made in America -- indeed, we made everything -- we now buy from abroad with money that we borrow from abroad.

Over this Lost Decade, 5.8 million manufacturing jobs, one of every three we had in Y2K, disappeared. That unprecedented job loss was partly made up by adding 1.9 million government workers.

The last decade was the first in history where government employed more workers than manufacturing, a stunning development to those of us who remember an America where nearly one-third of the U.S. labor force was producing almost all of our goods and much of the world's, as well.

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For those voters out there who think the American economy now under the control of President Obama is going to turn around soon are absolutely crazy. I have to give Pat Buchanan credit for at least speaking the truth about what we have become as a nation. America doesn't create anything. It doesn't produce anything. We need big government to prop up the failing industries that we do have. Our government's free trade economic policies have basically eliminated the American middle class and outsourced our livelihoods. I think it is high time for another revolution in America. It is time for a TEA PARTY Revolution!!!!!

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