Mar 28, 2010

Health Care Lawsuit Expected To Impact Political Landscape

The lawsuit filed by Pennsylvania Attorney General Tom Corbett and 12 other state republican Attorney Generals challenging the constitutionality of the health care reform law will no doubt be impacting the political landscape here in PA. Governor Rendell has already suggested that Corbett drop the lawsuit and House Appropriation Chairman Dwight Evans has threatened to stop funding the Attorney General's Office. So the fireworks are just starting.
The suit has sparked a fresh round of debate across the country - in Internet chat rooms, on editorial pages, and within state government. By the end of the week, the suit had state and national party leaders in a renewed war of words. On Friday, four Democratic governors - among them, Gov. Rendell - sent a letter to Attorney General Eric Holder, offering to help him defend the act against their own states' attorneys general.

"We believe their legal efforts will fail in court, unnecessarily delay the urgent need to get our citizens access to health care and waste our state tax dollars," said the letter signed also by the governors of Washington, Michigan, and Colorado. (Philadelphia Inquirer)

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It is also interesting to note that according to the article state Senate Pro Tempore, Joe Scarnati, is planning on introducing legislation to allow Pennsylvania to opt out of the Bill. Obama and Democratic Leaders in Congress may have won a victory but the war to stop socialized health care isn't over.


  1. I really enjoyed your piece and I felt the urge to comment on it. I feel like this lawsuit is causing nothing but unnecessary problems in the federal government. I do understand that, yes it is the people's right to stand up against something they don't believe in, but when you're wasting tax payer's money to do it then there's a problem. Health care reform is inevitable. The best way to handle it is to make attempts to change the terms, not to try to force it off.

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