Mar 31, 2010

Pay Raises To Top Democratic House Staffers Were A 'Mistake'

Apparently the Pennsylvania House Democratic Leadership are saying that the pay increases that they gave their top legislative staffers a month before the Jan 1st salary freeze was a mistake. The salary increase ranged from 15,000 dollars a year to 20,000 dollars a year. Staffers of lower profiled democratic lawmakers complained to the Patriot News this weekend that the pay raises were rushed through and seemed to favor the staffers of the democratic caucus leadership. But even though they were a "mistake" the staffers will be able to keep their raises according to Majority Leader Todd Eachus.
At a time when most Americans are dealing with stagnant wages or unemployment, the good times are rolling for some top Pa. House Democratic staffers. Two high-level aides received hefty salary increases late last year and a dozen others received increases after a pay freeze took effect on Jan. 1. (Pocono Record)
So there you have it folks. Wouldn't it be nice if your boss accidentally gave you a 20,000 dollar pay raise this year? These lawmakers can't be living in the real world and make decisions like this. The quality of the leadership in Harrisburg is unacceptable. Actually it is embarrassing.

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