Mar 12, 2010

Should we vote for endorsed candidates

As a libertarian / constitutionalists at heart, and the utter disdain for the socialist progressive values that the Democratic Party has endorsed, I have been forced to side with the Republican Party for over 30 years because this Commonwealth does not recognize the independent voter. Unfortunately I feel that the GOP has slammed its doors in the faces of its membership, who is calling for a change in the same old political game. This primary season hundreds of GOP members, Taxpayers groups and the like have written letters to the Chairman of the PA GOP, Mr. Gleason and have asked him to consider not going the days of old and endorsing a specific set of candidates for the primary. We asked that the GOP to give it back to the people of the party through the election process, and allow us to decide whom our candidate(s) would be in the November general election. The GOP has denied our request and has endorsed candidates that are nothing more than oil in the big political machine. So what are we to do?

The state of affairs that we are in, I believe is because We The People have allowed our elected officials to call the shots and run the game way too long. Through complacency and apathy we have reneged on our rights as Americans and have sold our sole to the devil by allowing political parties and the bosses that head them, to control our destiny. A time for change has come to the political establishment of PA. We the people should demand open primaries where no specific candidate is endorsed. We the people should demand that primaries are open to all Pennsylvanians of voting age and not just those affiliated with a political party. I call on all Pennsylvanians to take a stand and let our elected officials know we are not going to stand for the political chess playing any longer.

This upcoming primary election cycle in May will be very crucial for the constituents of Pennsylvania. The Republican Party has endorsed Tom Corbett for governor, a man with little or no knowledge of how legislative government works because he has never held a position in either the State House of Representatives or the Senate. Was this a good choice for the PA GOP to endorse this candidate? How will Tom handle one issue that I hold dear to my heart, school property tax reform, this one tax has devastating effects on senior citizens and those less fortunate, who are being evicted from their homes because of their inability to pay. Will Tom Corbett recognize that Property School Tax must be eliminated? Will Tom Corbett recognize that we have a right as Americans to own our homes once the mortgage is paid off? Tom is a former teacher and has close ties to PSEA but will he realize that this tax on our homes must be put to an end? Will Mr. Corbett look the other way because of special interest and ties to the GOP party bosses? Who knows, but for us Republicans, our fate has been sealed.

There is a bill sitting on the house floor waiting for sponsorship yet only 36 Representatives have signed up to co-sponsor it. The bill is named H.B. 1275 or SPTEA (school property tax elimination act). This one piece of legislation will remove the burden of school tax from our homes and shift it completely to the sales tax, where those that spend will pay the burden. Sales tax will be kept at the 6% level but will be expanded across ALL services and items of non-necessity. Even our current Governor (fast Eddy) Ed Rendell is now warming up to the idea of expanding the sales tax at a lesser rate, rather than the current 6%, but that will only hold us being short again and looking for other revenue streams to cover the insurmountable debt. Lets face it people this Commonwealth is INSOLVENT.

SPTEA written by Sam Rohrer (candidate for Governor) has championed this issue for years and it has fallen on deaf ears because of other politician's ties to the PSEA. Gambling revenues and $200.00 rebates will not take care of the doubling of our tax burden over the next 10 years because of the PSERS refunding and mounting educational costs that we the taxpayers are responsible for. When people loose their jobs and their homes, who will be gambling and where will the rebates be coming from? How much more in taxes will we pay just to keep the schools operational? PSERS is in addition to the cost to run the district, is exempt from a referendum on the ballot. The government of PA has protected those of special interest and has nailed the coffin shut on the taxpayer. Do you see the writing on the wall or are you blinded by the threat that our children will suffer the consequences if WE THE TAXPAYER do not keep pensions solvent? Wake up people! We have to stop wanting and understand that we cant afford to keep spending on programs that are not of basic necessity for our children to compete and succeed in the ever changing world in which we live.

The GOP better understand that it will lose many of us who have chosen to be associated with the new constitutional movement (not necessarily tea partiers) that is sweeping across America. The GOP better understand that We The People demand that we should be the ones running the show and the political parties should abide by our decisions.

This primary season could have been one that showed America that the status quo is not the way to go and instead PA GOP has decided to keep playing games with our reality. The GOP’s arrogance is nauseating and we must allow ourselves be heard loud and clear when it comes doing the party’s dirty work and voting for endorsed candidates come this May. Endorsing candidates closes the door on every American’s right to be heard. Political clout shrouds the enlightenment of the people and forces our hands to be played by those we empower. The time has come to speak up with our votes and be heard.

The GOP’s decision of turning its back on it’s membership and the threat of increasing extremely high school taxes, is asking all GOP members to consider State Rep. Sam Rohrer for Governor, Russ Diamond for Lt. Governor, and Peg Luksik for U.S. Senator, because of their constitutional mindset and commitment to our state and federal constitutions. All candidates understand the threat that is posed to our constitutions because of governmental fiscal irresponsibility and the need of government to grow itself into something that is all too consuming, neither of which government was designed to do.

As an American, demand that your voice be heard and tell the party bosses that you are dissatisfied with their disregard to our request for an open primary. Vote for the candidate(s) that you believe in and support, because you did your homework and realize the consequences of your actions. Pulling a lever because of party affiliation or because a candidate has been endorsed is irresponsible and it would be better that you stay home come Election Day.

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