Mar 28, 2010

Ok So We Should All Jump Off A Cliff

I am beginning to think that I am being too hard on Attorney General Corbett. I agree that the "but he did it too" defense is not going to be successful with members of the jury in upcoming Bonusgate trials.
One big rap against the Bonusgate probe was that it hadn't resulted in convictions - in the first case to go to trial, a former state representative from western Pennsylvania was acquitted. Well, that changed last week - and it's worth noting that there have been several guilty pleas.

And, whatever Mr. Corbett's motives might be, this probe is pushing our political-ethics-challenged state in a positive direction. (York Daily Record)

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Corbett does deserve credit for having the courage to challenge how things have always beeen done in Harrisburg. Plus you got to love Governor Rendell's take on the bonusgate investigation according to the article.
During an editorial board visit some weeks ago, Gov. Ed Rendell predicted that Mr. Stetler would be acquitted, saying essentially that he was being accused criminally - and unfairly - of doing things the way they've always been done in Harrisburg.
When you consider just how much corruption really goes on in Harrisburg maybe we should be happy with a few guilty verdicts resulting from the Bonusgate investigation. But we can't assume that any of this is sending a message to our elected leaders in Harrisburg. Right Governor Rendell! Maybe all the corrupt lawmakers in Harrisburg should just all jump off a cliff since they all think that public corruption is acceptable.

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