Mar 24, 2010

State House Democrats Threaten To Cut Funding If Corbett Continues Health Care Lawsuit

State House Appropriations Chairman Dwight Evans (D-Philadelphia)is threatening to cut funding to the Attorney General's Office if Corbett moves continues to move forward with any lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of the new health care law signed by President Obama yesterday. It is obvious that Evans and other state lawmakers are not to happy about Corbett's lawsuit.
Evans blasted Corbett, saying "I can assure him, as chairman of the Appropriation Committee … that I will find a way within his department, if he continues this effort, that he will pay for it in his department. ... We’re not going to sit idly by and allow him to play politics on the backs of the taxpayers. We’re not going to accept that.” (PennLive)

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Other State House Democrats wrote a letter to Corbett encouraging him to drop the lawsuit. Are these tactics becoming familiar to voters around Pennsylvania. This seems like a habit with Democrats these days. You don't like our bill we will change the rules and pass it anyway. You want to challenge our bill with a lawsuit we will cut your funding. This is madness. I say go ahead Evans do it. Cut the funding and force Corbett to stop the lawsuit. You will see what happens. The law clearly violates the 10th Amendment of our Constitution. But that doesn't matter does it Evans?

I say if republicans had to endure the democrats bending the rules of Congress to pass the bill then democrats like Evans can endure the constitutional challenge and shut their mouths. Suck it up Evans we are not in Kindergarten anymore! You can't take your ball and go home.

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