Apr 15, 2010

Tea Party Anyone?

Today is a day that patriots around the country should celebrate. No we are not celebrating the national deadline to file our taxes. We are celebrating average Americans from all over the country who are standing up and saying enough is enough to big government. Today is the Tax Day Tea Party!!

Tea Party protesters everywhere are telling our elected leaders that government is too big, that we are taxed too much, and that government at all levels has overstepped the boundaries and limitations placed upon it and protected by our Constitution. If you feel the same way than you need to get on board the Tea Party Express.

As you can see, I attended a Tea Party rally in front of the Blair County Courthouse today. Unlike popular mainstream media reports, I saw no racist signs. There was no bigotry to be found at the rally. I even saw a few African Americans and Hispanics in the crowd. I also saw people who are both democrats and republicans. The crowd was filled with people from different backgrounds and ages all voicing their concerns about big government and the current direction of this country.

When I think of trying to explain what the Tea Party movement is really about I think of Matthew 11:28. Jesus said to the people, "Come to me, all you that labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest." The Tea Party movement is filled with everyday, hardworking Americans who are the ones who "labor" and who feel"heavy laden". They are our friends or neighbors who struggle to pay their property tax bills. They realize that the more we are taxed by big government the more our middle class struggles to survive. They are frustrated with big government, high taxes, wasteful spending, and are feeling that our government is no longer listening to the people it governs.

The Blair County rally had a lot of older people who talked about what kind of country they are leaving behind for the children and grandchildren. One guy on the microphone even cried when talking about just how high property taxes is going to cause many to lose their homes. Other speakers talked about the original intent of our Constitution and the real meaning of limited government that our founding fathers fought for and even died for.

I challenge the mainstream media to show us how invoking our founding principles and what is written in our Constitution has anything to do with racism or bigotry? It is really shameful to see how the media is not reporting what the real meaning of the movement is about when these same founding fathers and patriots died giving them freedom of the press.

The Tea Party movement is simply another Great Awakening type movement. People are looking towards our history and are starving to learn more about the original intent of our Constitution. Something that should scare every incumbent politician at all levels of government considering they don't pay attention to government limitations of any kind. A great beast has awakened in this country and our elected representatives are going to learn very quickly that they cannot go on playing God.

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