Apr 12, 2010


Are you a fan or perpetrator of Philly area blogging? Well have I got an event for you. It’s the 2010 CaptainPalooza of blogging. Fellow city employee / drone Wyatt and I are once again trying to bring as many bloggers and their fans together as possible. After last years grand success we are looking for an even bigger venue.

Since the Pennsylvania Convention Center is booked solid we’ll have to look somewhere a bit more… suitable. But don’t worry- no matter where we end up that’s where the party will be. Look for an announcement on the exact place and time (looking tentatively at the weekend of May 1st, somewhere in or near N.E. Philly since we’re both off) in the next couple of days.

Advanced notice to any dancing girls, jugglers, acrobats, dwarfs, goblins or side-show freaks send your pictures to Wyatt. Just in case we have an opening…

Hope to see you there!

PS: It looks as if I have figured out how to convert Wordpress blogging into Bloggers format. If so look for more of my commentary on Philly and the exciting happenings in the land between the two rivers here at PennPatriot Blog. Just in case, you can always find me at WWW.FIRSTIN.WORDPRESS.COM

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