Apr 8, 2010

Representative Rick Geist The Ranking GOP Member Of The State Transportation Committee Introduces New Transportation Legislation

Leave it to Representative Rick Geist to find new revenue to solve our state's transportation crisis. Just hold on to your wallets in the process folks. Geist held a press conference yesterday where he stated that he was happy with the I-80 tolling decision and supports Governor Rendell's special session on transportation funding. Geist hopes the special session is "new beginning" in the never ending search for more state transportation revenue to repair our states crumbling roads and bridges. At the news conference Geist also outlined some of his ideas.
He also is asking for a study to explore the idea of taxing drivers for miles driven, which has been piloted in other parts of the nation.

“Eventually our way to do things will be archaic, but for now, it’s the only thing that we have that works,” Geist said. “So we want to be able to take a good look at fixing it today and looking ... into the future.”(Patriot-News)

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This guy is a joke. It is truly astonishing how Geist has been the ranking GOP member of this committee for what 100 years now and our state's roads and bridges keep falling apart. How about we cut wasteful state spending in some areas like WAMS and begin prioritizing what our state should be funding Mr Geist? But that would be the conservative, republican approach to the problem. Really Geist? Taxing cars with higher mileage. WOW!!! That's "our man in Harrisburg" for you.

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