Apr 5, 2010

Grand Jury Expected To Indict State Senator Jane Orie

Is getting indicted for using state resources for campaign purposes a new campaign strategy in Harrisburg these days? KDKA is reporting today that sources close to the investigation into GOP state Senator Jane Orie have confirmed that the third most powerful senator will be indicted on charges that she used her state office staff and office resources to assist her sister justice Joan Orie Melvin's campaign for state Supreme Court.
The jury recommended what are being described as "significant multiple count" indictments against Jane Orie and a staff member.

Jane Orie is the Republican Majority Whip and the third-ranking Republican in the State Senate.

The grand jury investigation focused on allegations made by former and current employees.

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An intern in Orie's office originally reported the activity to Allegheny County District Attorney Stephen A. Zappala Jr. Orie's lawyer is downplaying the charges by saying that they are simply a political attack on Orie, but I've always maintained that there was something fishy going on when you look at the facts in this case. Why would Orie's own intern decide to report the violations unless there is significant evidence of wrong doing?

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