Apr 29, 2010

New Sestak Campaign Ad Blasts Specter's Criticism Of His Military Record

I am beginning to believe that Arlen Specter really wants to keep giving Congressman Joe Sestak every possible opportunity to win the upcoming democratic primary election here in Pennsylvania. Specter's recent campaign ad questioning Sestak's Navy military record that began running a few weeks ago is now a colossal failure.

The negativity in the ad has made Sestak a credible alternative to many democratic voters. The controversy over the ad also has given Sestak tons of free press. Specter's ad was distasteful and down right disrespectful to anyone who has served in our military.

Here is the Sestak's response to Specter's "Swiftboat" ad!!!

Specter's campaign staff could use a good boxing lesson right about now. Underestimating your opponent and keeping them around for the late rounds is a very dangerous strategy because the underdog just might end up getting you knocked out. This recent Sestak campaign ad was a pretty heavy left hook. Watch out Specter! Here comes Smokin Joe :)

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