Apr 18, 2010

Oops Did I Say That? Tom Corbett's Comments Raises Eyebrows

Tom Corbett's comments during his speech at this weekend's Pennsylvania Leadership Conference has left many conservatives around the state scratching their heads. Some are flat out suggesting that Corbett is a liberal.

Many conservatives who attended the conference and heard the speech were not impressed with Corbett and by far the most controversial part of his speech was when Corbett said "The Constitution is a living document". Something you might not want to say to a group of constitutional conservatives when you are running for Governor.

The view that the Constitution is a living document is the common view of liberal democrats who like to bend the original limited government intent of the Constitution in order to advance their big government/socialist agenda.

People who believe in a Living Constitution believe that the constitutional framers wrote the Constitution in broad and flexible terms to create such a dynamic, "living" document. Constitutional conservatives believe that the Constitution should only be changed through the amendment process.

According to Wikipedia a prominent endorsement of the Living Constitution concept was heard in the 2000 presidential campaign by the Democratic candidate, Al Gore. One of most vocal critics of the Living Document view of the Constitution is Supreme Court Justice Scalia.

So Tom Corbett agrees with Al Gore when it comes to Constitutional interpretation. A very scary thought considering Corbett is the Pennsylvania Republican Party's endorsed candidate for Governor. Republican voters across the state desperately need to give Sam Rohrer a serious look if we really want to take back our state government.


  1. Stacey12:15 AM

    I always thought Tom Corbett was a conservative. I even helped him with his election when he was running for Attorney General. It is indeed scary to think about him holding this view and running for Governor. If I would have known some of the things I know now about Tom, I wouldn't have helped him out in his previous runs for public office!

  2. Anonymous4:38 PM

    And it's not just this comment from Mr. Corbett that belies his supposedly conservative credentials. See this: http://therealtomcorbett.wordpress.com/