Apr 14, 2010

Corbett Responds To Stetler's Allegations

Dauphin County Judge Richard A. Lewis has scheduled oral arguments for Friday morning at 11:00 am after Attorney General Tom Corbett officially responded to allegations that he used state resources for campaign purposes and is using the bonusgate investigation for political gain. Despite Corbett's response, Stetler's attorney's feel strongly that the allegations against Corbett are grounds for dismissal of the case against their clients.
The attorney general denied or denied in part Stetler's assertions in 108 of 126 paragraphs. As in his original response, Corbett asked Lewis to let the case proceed against Stetler and Feese.

"Bombast and overheated rhetoric do not magically turn untimely and irrelevant claims into claims worthy of an evidentiary hearing," the attorney general said in Tuesday's filing.

Repeatedly, the attorney general denied Stetler's assertions, then added that even if an argument were accepted, "it does not entitle him to relief." (York Daily Record)

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All of this will be interesting Friday to say the least. Obviously the judge in this case is taking these allegations against Corbett seriously. Judge Lewis asked the Attorney General's Office to provide a written paragraph by paragraph response to the allegations after Corbett blew the Judge off the first time.

The arrogant manner in which Corbett responded to Judge Lewis's request probably didn't win him much favor. I actually think that Judge Lewis is seriously considering granting Stetler a formal hearing to formally review the allegations and where witnesses can be called to testify.

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At minimum this case and the basis of the allegations give good government advocates some ammunition in calling for Corbett to resign as Attorney General while he pursues his candidacy for Governor.

Also: Corbett: Stetler's wrong in motion to dismiss theft charges (York Daily Record)

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