Apr 12, 2010


Brian Haughton has never backed down from a call to duty.


A native of Northeast Philadelphia, a retired Philadelphia Firefighter, and a small business owner; Brian is ready to fight to make sure that people who work hard for their success get to keep what they’ve earned.He believes people should be trusted to make their own decisions, not the government. And he believes that the United States should not apologize for being the best country in the world.

Brian Haughton, a Philly firefighter, is running against the uber-liberal Democrat Allyson Schwartz for Congress. He’s a regular guy who works his butt off supporting various charities. He is a well known supporter of Police Officers and Firefighters and a natural advocate for public safety.

Of course I can’t publicly endorse him, but it would suck if he didn’t win. Check out his website Haughton for Congress and if you feel like exercising your Constitutional right of free speech maybe even make a donation. I’m just saying, you COULD if you wanted to. To my brothers in the fire service and law enforcement feel free to pass on the link.

Hats off to Brian for throwing his hat into the ring.

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