Apr 17, 2010

Democratic Candidate Mark Critz Says He Opposed Obama's Health Care Reform Bill

This is very interesting. Democratic candidate in PA's 12th Congressional race Mark Critz, a former aid to John Murtha, says in this campaign ad that he never supported the health care legislation backed by President Obama and shoved through Congress by his own party's leadership.
Democrat Mark Critz, running to succeed the late Rep. John Murtha (D-Pa.), is branding himself as an opponent of health care legislation in his latest ad – a sign that the legislation is a tough sell even in working-class blue-collar Democratic confines.

Responding to an NRCC advertisement accusing him of backing health care reform, Critz says: “That ad’s not true. I opposed the health care bill, and I’m pro-life and pro-gun. That’s not liberal.” (The Politico)

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It is pretty sad when the Democratic Party's own candidates can't present nor defend the health care reform legislation passed by Congress to voters on the merits. Just wait and see folks. the next popular campaign strategy for new democratic Congressional candidates will be to say they opposed the bill.

Critz is attempting to run as a pro gun, pro life, anti health care reform candidate. So the next logical question to Mr. Critz should be why are you a democrat? These positions considering Critz's party affiliation just doesn't make any sense unless you desperately want to get elected. I encourage the voters of the 12th Congressional District to not fall for this political nonsense. Vote for the real conservative candidate in the race, republican Tim Burns!

Also: Pennsylvania Democrat denies supporting health care reform (CNN Political Ticker Blog)

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