Feb 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day Governor Corbett

Valentine's Day is the one day that men everywhere have the responsibility to make the women closest to us feel special and loved. It is a moment to take time out of our busy day to buy them flowers or chocolates. Open a bottle of champaign and tell them how important they are.

Somehow Governor Corbett didn't get the memo.

Today newly elected Pennsylvania Attorney General Kathleen Kane issued a statement rejecting on constitutional grounds the contract Corbett and his administration signed with an English firm that would privatize the state's lottery system. In her statement Kane said that the Corbett overstepped his authority by moving forward with the contract.

Ouch! I guess Corbett forgot to send those roses that he has been meaning to send Kane since her election last November.

Kane also has moved forward in naming a special prosecutor to review Corbett's handling of the Sandusky investigation full filling the campaign promise she made during the election last year.

Now Corbett and his campaign staff must deal with a potential challenge from PA Congresswoman Allison Schwartz. News broke today that Schwartz is officially laying the ground work for a campaign to challenge Corbett in the gubernatorial election next year.

I guess Congresswoman Schwartz never got those chocolate covered strawberries you forgot to send her Governor.

As you can see our Governor is having some women troubles this Valentine's Day. I for one will be popping a bottle of champagn and watching how this all plays out.


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