Feb 13, 2013

Governor Corbett vs Congresswoman Allison Schwartz

The upcoming gubernatorial race here in Pennsylvania is all the buzz in political circles. The word is Pennsylvania Congresswoman Allison Schwartz is laying a strong foundation for a run against incumbent republican Governor Tom Corbett.

Reports coming out of last week's Democratic Party Committee meetings suggests that Schwartz is 80% sure she is running, but she is all in considering Governor Corbett's dismal polling numbers.

Schwartz is a seasoned lawmaker with both statewide name recognition and national appeal. Meaning the national party would give her tremendous resources to defeat a rising GOP party power player like Corbett.

Schwartz has a big war chest and would probably be five to six points ahead of Corbett if polling was conducted right now. Schwartz may be the strongest challenger Corbett has ever faced in his political career.

There is no doubt Corbett is facing some tough challenges when it comes to his reelection campaign. To be quite honest Corbett has a Sandusky Scandal problem here in Central Pennsylvania. The area of the state Corbett desperately needs if he wants to win a second term.

Despite whether or not you think Corbett handled the investigation properly as PA Attorney General or not the uncertainty surrounding the scandal combined with his role on the Penn State Board of Trustees in the firing of Joe Paterno will be the elephant in the room throughout the campaign.

If Schwartz is truly all in then it is game over for the Corbett Administration here in Pennsylvania.

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