Feb 9, 2013

Comprehensive report by the Paterno family may set the record straight

Tomorrow the Paterno family report clarifying what Joe Paterno knew about the Sandusky child abuse scandal is going to be released at 9:00 AM. The report will be released at http://www.paterno.com.

For many of us critical of the Freeh Report this report by the Paterno has been much anticipated. I have read the Free Report and have conversed with several bloggers and academics who feel the report was a shame paid for by a Board of Trustees who were desperate to assign blame in the face of a media fire storm.

Despite the media's acceptance of the Freeh Report as the current record, many feel it lacked a certain factual basis and basically was filled with accusations and assumptions.

As for the Paterno report, all indications are the 180 page document is a comprehensive review of the current record clarifying Joe Paterno's actions and a scathing indictment of the Freeh Report. There are also rumors suggesting the report will be the foundation of lawsuit filed against the a NCAA next week by the Paterno family.

Despite your personal beliefs regarding the Sandusky Scandal, I hope you understand that the Sue Paterno and her family have every right to release this report. Some bloggers and members of the media are already criticizing the report before it has even been released for being biased and lacking credibility just because the Paterno's paid for it.

I just find this unacceptable and unprofessional. How are the Paterno families motives any different than the University's Board of Trustees who had every motivation to assign blame in the face of a media fire storm? So the board pays for the Freeh Report and somehow it is more credible. That is just ridiculous.

For those of us seeking the truth in regards to the Sandusky Scandal, I am looking forward to reading the report tomorrow and will judge it on it's factual merits.

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