Feb 18, 2013

Congresswoman Allison Schwartz's Political Director buys website domain www.schwartzforgovernor.com

Breaking: Hat tip: PoliticsPA

It looks like Pennsylvnaia Congresswoman Allisont Schwartz's Political Director Neil Deegan has officially registered the domain www.schwartzforgovernor.com. The domain name was registered February 9th. This a pretty good indication that Congresswoman Schwartz is running for governor in next year's gubernaitoral race in Pennsylvania. Reports came out after the annual Democtratic State Committee meeting two weeks ago suggesting Schwartz was about 90% sure she was going to run.

This will set up an epic political battle in the race for governor next year between Schwartz and current incumbent republican Tom Corbett. That is if Governor Corbett can make it out of what seems to be a tough primary election race. Montgomery County Commissioner Bruce Castor is already set to challenge Corbett. Also former Revenue Secretary Tom Wolf is considering challenging Corbett.

If Schwartz runs her only possible primary competition looks like PA Treasurer Rob McCord. I doubt if the Democratic Party wants a heated primary election battle and one would have to believe Schwartz would come out on top of any party negotiations. This will give Schwartz a tremendous advantage in the general election.

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