Feb 17, 2013

The final word on the Paterno Report and the Sandusky Scandal

Ok here is my final word on the Paterno Family Report and Joe Paterno's role in the Sandusky Scandal. The Paterno's released the report last Sunday and the findings has caused many to revisit some of the inaccuracies and speculation that is undeniably evident in the Freeh Report released last July.

What do we now know after reading the two reports and the testimony from Sandusky's trial?

First, we now know there was no cover up to benefit the football program as suggested in the Freeh Report. Which makes the unprecedented sanctions placed upon Penn State's football program by the NCAA baseless.

Second we know that Joe Paterno followed the University's own policy when it comes to reporting incidents if sexual violence on campus. If you know anything about how allegations of sexual abuse cases are investigated we know there really was nothing more Joe Paterno could have done once he reported the incident to University officials and his supervisor.

This is contrary to the media defined narrative that they are desperately trying to hold on to. Again I have to emphasize that members of the media have no clue about how child abuse cases are investigated. Which is the main reason why their reporting has been so inaccurate and unreliable throughout this scandal.

They expect us to believe that Joe Paterno was all powerful and could of done more even if it meant breaking the laws that dictate how these kind of allegations are investigated.

Bottom line is, let's imagine that all the people involved were sitting at a table. One is the President of the Second Mile foundation a child care agency responsible for the children placed in their care, one is a state police officer, one is a campus police officer, one is a state psychologist, one is a Children and Youth caseworker, two are district attorneys, one is the President of a state university, one is as athletic director, one is a school superintendent, one is a state attorney general and one is a college football coach. All were informed of incidents regarding Sandusky and children at some point.

Out of all these people sitting at the table we are supposed to believe according to the media that the football coach is the one responsible for protecting the children that Sandusky abused.

That just sounds ridiculous.

And please stop saying that Joe Paterno should have done more when he did what the university manual informs every other staff person to do when these kinds of incidents are brought to their attention.

Also don't give me the "what if this were your child" scenario because I sure would not be blaming the football coach who doesn't have the authority to investigate or arrest criminals over all the other officials informed of the allegations.

This is what will forever be ridiculous about all of this but the most alarming thing is all the gullible people buying this garbage being pushed by members of the media. The mass and the media wants a figure head to blame. One to sell more papers or watch their stations.

For those of you who want the truth I hope I broke it down for you. If you are a member of the media who wants to keep spreading lies that hurt the football players and the students who attend Penn State then I don't have anymore time for your nonsense!

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