Jul 18, 2011

Numero Rubio! Florida Senator Marco Rubio Sets The Debt Ceiling Debate Record Straight

I love how uber-liberal Bob Schieffer gets his lunch handed to him by Florida Senator Marco Rubio on his own show, "Face The Nation", while trying to defend President Obama's Record. Everyone who watches this clip needs to listen carefully to how the mainstream media is painting Republicans in the House of Representatives.

Listen carefully to the first point Schieffer makes and it is straight out of the Democratic playbook for the upcoming 2012 Presidential Election. Right off the bat Schieffer tries to blame former President Bush for the sluggish economy. Then Schieffer tries to paint House Republicans as unreasonable while suggesting President Obama is the only one making concessions in the debt ceiling debate. Unbelievable!

Senator Rubio's comments regarding the debt ceiling crisis is probably the most honest and straight forward assessment from any politician on both sides of the aisle. Rubio's honesty with the American People is a fine example of the leadership this country needs moving forward to face our challenges head on! I love the line, "Washington went along with his (Obama's) prescription for joblessness, which was the stimulus package." That is classic. Draft this guy for President already please! Numero Rubio in 2012!

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