Jul 26, 2011

"Hope and Change" has become "Despair and More of the Same"

It was painful to watched President Obama's speech last night. I have finally come to the conclusion that the man has no idea what the hell is going on in this country. It is obvious the President has no plan to move our economy forward, so how can he seriously help facilitate a debt ceiling compromise between Senate Democrats and House Republicans if he doesn't have a plan of his own.

And that is a fact that can't be disputed my democratic friends. During this entire debt ceiling debate, President Obama never once put forth a written plan nor did he ever have the vision to lead on the issue. Obama had a chance to lead when his own Bipartisan Debt Commission issued their report last year. But in true Obama fashion, he decided to scrap the report and submitted a budget that actually increased federal spending in May that was rightly voted down by every U.S. Senator including members of his own party.

Now that is not leadership!

At some point a president has to rise above partisan politics and give the children (John Boehner and Harry Reed) a time out and show them who is in charge. Not to mention do what is best for our country. Obama should have met with Congressional leaders and said here is my plan. Vote on it, and if you don't good luck in the next election.

President Obama can't facilitates a compromise on the debt ceiling without coming to the realization himself that our government spends way to much and that our 14 trillion dollar debt is like a yet blanket crippling private enterprise and our financial system. We can assume by his recent actions that he is there yet. As evident when he walked out of a meeting after a deal on the debt ceiling was done between House Republicans and Senate Democrats after demanding that the debt ceiling be raised until after the 2012 elections.

In my lifetime, I never thought the biggest threat to our country would be the president of the United States. Candidate Barack Obama promised hope and change before he was elected. What a political disappointment he must be for many who voted for him.

"Hope and Change" has turned into "Despair and More of the Same".

Since in office President Obama has spent more than $4 trillion that we don’t even have. It looks like our president is trying to bankrupt the Treasury Department. Just how much further ahead has Obama's 1 trillion dollar failed stimulus package got us. If he is allowed to continue with his agenda for America, we will fail as a nation and our economy will collapse. It is time to dump Obama in 2012.

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