Jul 22, 2011

Fed Up with Politicians During the Debt Ceiling Debate

Last year, the co-chairman of President Barack Obama’s deficit commission Republican Alan Simpson called senior citizens "the greediest generation" and referred to the Social Security program in an email as a, "milk cow with 310 million tits!"

Comments like this during the current debt debate masks the truth when it comes to the current state of Social Security. First Social Security is not an entitlement program at least the last time I checked my pay stub. Current workers pay a "tax" to the United States Treasury to support the benefits of those currently retired.

Now since Social Security's implementation there has always been more workers paying into the system than individuals receiving benefits. So what happen to all money paid into the system by workers that didn't go towards individuals receiving benefits during the past 76 years?

You guessed it. Our politicians in Washington D.C. spent it!

This is why Social Security will soon be insolvent in 15 to 20 years. Because our so called leaders mismanaged the program. It is time to wake up, people. The Social Security dollars were originally placed in an interest-bearing account. The account has been hijacked numerous times over the years, pushing the system toward bankruptcy.

Now think of this when you decide who's fault the current debt crisis is. Then ask yourself can trust current members of Congress to reduce the deficit or with more of our tax dollars? Come on people you know what the answer is!

The system is broken and what has happened with Social Security is a perfect example of why we desperately need a true balance budget amendment to control spending in Washington D.C. Incompetent and politicians in both parties spend our tax money poorly and keep spending even as they run out of money.

Ask yourself how our members of Congress can compromise when they themselves can't even be truthful to the American People?

Our representatives have driven America to the edge. It is time to stop. And our president should stop with the arrogant remarks and threats regarding Social Security. Voters are not stupid. We see what is happening and our politicians know we know it. We need to take this frustration to the voting booths in 2012.

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