May 11, 2020

Breaking News: Representative Russ Diamond Responds to Governor Wolf’s Comments

I find it incredibly insulting and offensive of Governor Tom Wolf to call millions of Pennsylvanians aching to get back to earning a paycheck and feeding their families “cowardly” or “deserters.”

It was the Wolf Administration that deserted the workers of Pennsylvania who sacrificed their livelihoods and freedom based on a promise that such efforts would be temporary to “flatten the curve” at our hospitals.

They were also promised that government unemployment assistance would be on the way in the meantime. Both of these promises from Governor Wolf have proven to be hollow.

I also find it ironic for the Governor to call out “politicians” for standing up for their local communities. I myself am a small business owner, as are my colleagues, friends, and constituents in Lebanon County who wish to return to work.

The producers and workers of our society - the taxpayers - do not appreciate being bullied by Governor Wolf for wanting the personal freedom to choose how to earn a living and keep themselves and their families safe.

They certainly do not deserve to be scolded by the occupant of highest office in their Commonwealth and threatened with sanctions. Instead, they deserve to be commended for their service to their community and their bravery and innovation in a time of crisis.

I sincerely hope the Governor retracts his statement and apologizes to the good citizens of Pennsylvania.

Rep. Russ Diamond represents the 102nd Legislative District Pennsylvania House of Representatives. The area he serves is entirely within Lebanon County.

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