May 8, 2020

Breaking News: Altoona City Council Passes Resolution Stating that the City will not Cite Businesses for Violating Wolf Administration Covid-19 Order

Breaking News: The Altoona City Council held a special meeting today at 5:00PM to address the closure of businesses located in the City pursuant to the March 19, 2020 order of Governor Tom Wolf. Wolf’s order forced all “non-essential” City businesses to close.

According to Councilman Dave Butterbaugh,  a resolution was passed at the special meeting stating that the City of Altoona will not be citing city businesses for opening in violation of the Wolf Administration's Covid-19 order. According to Dave, the resolution that passed is geared more to warning and educating businesses as opposed to giving out citations and fines. Mayor Pacifico, Councilmen Bruce Kelley, Jesse Ickes, Joe Carper, Matt Cacciotti and Dave all voted yes for the passage of the resolution.

Mayor Matt Pacifico issued a statement on Facebook stating, “ The resolution that we passed tonight states that the City will issue warnings to noncompliant businesses, and provide educational information about the Governor’s order. What we also did in the resolution tonight will place the burden back on the appropriate State Agencies or licensing boards if they choose to further enforce with citations. Essentially we’re saying: “we’ll warn you, but we can’t promise that the state won’t fine you”.

Below is a letter that Mayor Pacifico has sent to Governor Wolf.

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