May 12, 2020

Beaver County Commissioners Respond to Gov. Wolf Saying There will be Consequences.

The Commissioners of Beaver County were disappointed in Governor Wolf’s remarks today and felt it necessary to issue this press release in response. Nothing the Governor stated makes us change the position we previously held in that it is illogical to keep Beaver County in the “red” phase while moving the entire bordering counties and regions into the “yellow” phase. We do not believe our residents will be corralled inside invisible county lines on the map.

By now it is well documented one facility within Beaver County is the basis for the vast majority of our COVID-19 cases and deaths. It has also been well documented it is the Department of Health’s responsibility to monitor this facility. If the Governor and his administration are so interested in saving lives, only they can answer the question why they ignored multiple requests for help and statistical counts coming out of Brighton Rehabilitation and Wellness Center by waiting over six weeks to only now send in the National Guard.

We certainly hope the Governor was not serious when he talked about withholding federal stimulus money as that would only punish those who need that help the most. By putting Beaver County on an island being left in the red, the Governor is crushing the economy, businesses, and morale of this County.

We once again stand behind our District Attorney in his decision to not prosecute any businesses that can operate in the “yellow” phase to do so on Friday. Our decision to stand behind our District Attorney is a bipartisan and nonpolitical decision based on the analysis of our data, and the best interest of the health, safety, emotional, and economic well-being of the Beaver County residents.

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