Nov 6, 2010

Paterno Wins 400 Hundred! Penn State Defeats Northwestern 35-21

Wow what a week this has been here in the Commonwealth Pennsylvania! First Pennsylvania republicans win big on Tuesday winning the Governor's race, an open US Senate seat, the state house, and end up flipping four Congressional seats. Now today the people of Pennsylvania can celebrate another major victory with Penn State Coach Joe Paterno. Penn State defeated Northwestern today 35-21 to notch JoePa's 400th victory. Unbelievable!

Coach Paterno won his 400th game today with class. His team overcame a 21 point deficit to become the first Division I coach ever to hit the 400-win plateau! (A couple non-DI coaches have also done it.) The Penn State legend reacted after the game with his typical modesty, saying it was just another win, but with his wife, Sue Paterno, by his side and the Nittany Lion faithful going nuts, you know that couldn’t be true!

400 victories by Coach Joe Paterno officially cements his legacy as the greatest football coach of all time at any level. The magnitude of this accomplishment combined with the number of lives he has molded over years is simply too great to not place him at the top of any coaching list.

I remember watching the 1986 National Championship game against Miami when I was 10. Penn State's classic victory inspired me to always want to play football for Coach Paterno and Penn State someday. That was always my dream. I wasn't good enough to play at Penn State, but Coach Joe Paterno still had a big impact on my life.

The story of Coach Paterno reminds us how great America truly is. As Joe would say, It's time to "Turn the boys into men"! It is time to stop looking back and time to focus on what is ahead of us. We need new leaders in the mold of Joe Paterno that inspire us to accomplish more than we ever imagined. That believe in us more than we believe in ourselves! Let's all focus on our next victory and turn America around!

Coach Paterno is the father of Pennsylvania football. Paterno's steady, conservative approach to the game and life has lasted the test of time. Congratulations Coach Paterno! Republicans win and JoePa gets his 400th victory now the country is finally moving in the right direction.

Joe Paterno - 400 Wins Tribute Video

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