Dec 24, 2009

Ah What's A Computer? State Senator Jane Orie Accused Of Using Her State Senate Office Resources To Campaign For Her Sister

The Tribune-Review is reporting that State Senator Jane Orie, the third ranking republican in the state senate, is under investigation for alleged misuse of state resources for campaign purposes. According to the article an intern complained to Allegheny County District Attorney Stephen A. Zappala Jr. that Orie's office was being used to campaign for her sister, Joan Orie Melvin, who won election in November to the state Supreme Court.
Orie, a former county prosecutor, comes from a prominent North Hills family. Her sister, Joan Orie Melvin, won election in November to the state Supreme Court, returning control of the seven-member court to the Republicans.

McDevitt contends Zappala is pursuing the case because of Melvin's victory over Democrat Jack Panella. The investigation began right after the election, he said.

McDevitt suggested the investigation might be focused on whether there was political activity in Orie's office for her sister.

An intern for Orie complained to the District Attorney's office about alleged campaigning in the office for Melvin.
Orie's lawyer, McDevitt, is naturally spinning the charges as being political motivated, but this is laughable considering Orie's own intern reported the abuses.

I find all this very ironic considering Orie is one of the most outspoken supporters in Harrisburg for reform. Kind of sums up the leadership in Harrisburg these days. Hubris run a muck

Also: Grand jury investigating state Sen. Jane Orie (Post-Gazette)

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